3 Exciting Ways Tech is Making Our Lives Better

January 3, 2017
By Robert Smith

iStock_000073819529_Large-683x1024.jpg“The times they are a changin.” Bob Dylan crooned these words over half a century ago and yet they have perhaps never rang more true.

The pace at which technological innovation has taken place over the past century has been unprecedented. In just over 100 years we’ve witnessed telephones turn into smartphones and smartwatches and automobiles into driverless vehicles.

But the greatest part about technology is its ability to dramatically improve and enhance the quality of our lives. Inventions have been solving the needs of humanity for thousands of years, but we are now experiencing technological growth at an extremely rapid rate.

Here are three emerging trends in technology that are changing our lives for the better:

Medicine going 3D

Healthcare is the industry first primed to be disrupted by 3D printing technology, according to Gartner. Transforming a patient’s CT scan into a 3D model enables doctors to rehearse a surgery, diagnose patients, and utilize patient-specific implants.

And patients no longer have to worry about missing their appointments. Robo-calling options provide patients with reminder notifications about their visits through their email and text messages.

Creates a safer environment

Technology has the ability to keep us safe. Late nights out no longer have to be cause for worry. Kitestring checks up on you when you’re out and alerts your friends if you don’t respond. Simply input emergency contacts, let the app know when you’re somewhere dangerous, and Kitestring will text you a little later to see if you’re okay. If you don’t respond, it alerts your loved ones that something may be wrong.

We can all rest easier in our beds at night, knowing we have smart home technology to protect us from outside dangers. Nest Cam, an indoor security camera from Canary can help you spot danger lurking in any room of your home from your smartphone. You can program the app to send custom alerts when people are spotted in or around your space.

Virtuality reality

While air pilots and surgeons are in entirely different lines of work, they have one major thing in common — people trust them with their lives.

Virtual reality is now being used to reduce risks and save lives. Pilot training classes currently utilize VR flight simulations and surgeons in training are using VR to practice procedures and observe more experienced physicians. One program, STAVE, is being used by the Navy to fill critical aviation training gaps.

While it may be hard for some to keep up with the pace of innovation, technology is rapidly disrupting industries and bettering the lives of humanity. From medicine to travel to personal safety, technology is creating a brighter future, which we can’t wait to experience.

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