Tips for Writing a Bylined Article

January 19, 2017
By Cutler PR


Bylined articles are fantastic for gaining credibility in your industry. Without promoting your company itself, you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on industry trends and news and even get to show off your superb writing skills.

There are some steps you can take to increase the quality of your byliner and the chances it will end up in one of your desired publications.

1. Know which outlets you want to pitch

Determining this will help you set your writing style, which should complement the writing style of the publication.

2. Review writing guidelines provided by publications

Do this before and during your writing process to ensure that your piece will qualify as a guest post or article for for the publication.

3. Check whether your topic has been written about before

Doing this will help you decide whether your article idea is fresh and relevant or stale and overdone.

4. Be concise and sharp  

Choose your words wisely. An article that is too wordy may lose the attention of the reader.

5. Write a memorable headline

You know as a reader that if the headline doesn’t grab your attention, you likely won’t open the article. The same applies here. Think punchy words, symbols, catch-phrases, numbers, etc.

6. Use stats to back up your writing

Especially in this day in age, where most can google and gather information quickly, it’s crucial to provided research that backs up your ideas.

While there’s no guarantee your article will be well-received or even published, going through these steps will certainly up those chances!

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